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Grateful to Share Clients' & Agents' Recommendation Letters

  • Donna was absolutely amazing to work with! She was always so well prepared and always brought information about the neighborhood and the home itself each time we went to look at a home. It was our first time buying so she was always very thorough about explaining everything to us and made sure we understood everything that was going on and that we felt comfortable. She was amazing to work with and I would recommend her to anybody! She definitely knows what she’s doing!
    Name: Taylor and Brandon

  • For Natalie and I this was our first home buying experience. As a buyer having never gone through the home buying process before we had many choices to make and one of those was choosing a realtor. When I called Donna to discussed our loan and what we were looking for in a home, she instantly went to work. It quickly became obvious that we didn't just pick a realtor we chose the right realtor. She found houses within our guidelines, scheduled showings and was always the first to the properties. Now as my family and I settle into our home I look back at the buying process and truly appreciate the support and guidance we received from Donna from start to finish. Commitment, Diligence, Ethics, Integrity! That's Donna

    Name: Ryan and Natalie

  • Donna is excellent as a realtor. She has helped my three sons and their extended families with buying and selling their homes. We have used her for 14 years, when I was her first client selling my mothers home. I recommend her to everyone I know that has been considering buying and/ or selling. Donna is very through and helpful. She stays on it every step of the way and keeps you informed. I highly recommend Donna.

    Santa Clarita Valley
    Name: Janet Evans

  • ... choosing Donna was a priceless decision ... she always had our best interests in mind ...she was in constant communication with escrow, title and the buyer's realtor ... she helped us feel very comfortable about the process

    It is hard to put down in words just how much we appreciate Donna. My family and I were selling our parents’ house from within a trust, Donna advised us ahead of time with what we would need to do in order to make sure everything was ready.

    She did a great job at decorating the house so that people could envision it as their home. She was great with explaining paperwork as well as the process of selling the house. Most of the family lives out of state making it more difficult to get everything signed and put in order, but with Donna it was easy, she sent everything electronically and she also made sure to call to see if we had any questions or to make sure we filled everything out in a timely manner.

    She was also in constant communication with escrow, the title company, the buyer’s realtor and many other people who were involved with the process. Donna helped us feel very comfortable about the whole process. We are very grateful for her, she is a great realtor, who will answer any question you have about anything to do with selling a house and she made sure she was available, she wouldn’t leave us waiting for answers.

    We feel that she always had our best interests in mind and she helped us negotiate with the buyer’s agent to receive the best possible outcome. Choosing Donna as our realtor was a priceless decision for us, without her the process would have been more stressful, more time consuming, and more confusing. Thank you, Donna, for being such a great realtor and person, we are all very grateful.

    Name: Kristel Christensen

  • Sold condo Canyon Country
    Donna was terrific in selling my condo!!! She is very professional and makes you feel at ease right from the start. Knowledgeable, personable and a great sense of humor. I highly recommend Donna!!! I sold a house but gained a friend.

    Canyon Country
    Name: Quentin C.

  • New Home Grayson Five Knolls
    ...she has extensive knowledge of the real estate process
    ... Donna also communicated and explained everything in detail
    ... after a few days on the market we received several offers
    ... she's quick and extremely intelligent

    In 2016 we decided to sell our Town home and purchase a single family home. The market was high so we knew would probably get a good price for our home but we would be stretching our budget on a new home. Donna helped us purchase our town home 8 years prior. She has extensive knowledge of the real estate process and of the Santa Clarita area. Donna took great care of our needs, had the most beautiful photographs and 360 degree photos done, she also communicated everything so we knew what to expect. There were so many options of what we could do and Donna carefully explains everything in detail. After just a few days on the market we received several offers, one in particular stood out, it was $7k above asking. Donna negotiated it so that the buyer would have to pay $7k cash if the house didn't appraise for that, which it didn't and I'm so glad she put this in the contract because we would never have known. She's quick and extremely intelligent, meeting the needs of her clients and never pushy!

    Name: Megan and Jeff E.

  • Castle in Castaic
    To sell a house is not an easy thing. The paperwork is a big amount and is still very much in my mind. There is ONE thing that has to be RIGHT - an able real estate agent - I found that in Donna De Rubeis. With her knowledge and endeavor I was VERY satisfied and sold my house without complications.

    Name: Harry Lindeman

  • Donna,
    Words can not express our gratitude to you and your mad agency skills.
    You will always be known a the captain that steered two ships! - Successfully no less.
    Your professionalism and personality were perfect for us - may we be in each others lives for many years to come.

    The Harrahs
    Name: Terri and James Harrah

  • Take it from me, I have used Donna for both the purchase and the sale of my town home and have been extremely satisfied with her service. She gives 110% and goes above and beyond her duties. Donna takes her job seriously and will review every paper, detail, and service for the closure of your sale/purchase. I just wish I could bring her to Washington with me for when I'm ready to purchase my retirement home.

    Donna you are the best!

    Thank You

    Name: Peggy H.

  • Home Sold Glenda and Mike
    Special Thanks to Donna De Rubeis of Realty Executives

    ...she displayed a significant degree of integrity ...she kept us well informed and always made herself available
    ...our experience began as an agent/client relationship and closed escrow as acquiring a new friend
    ... a job well done by a truly wonderful person

    Our experience working with Donna De Rubeis as our realtor has been special. Our first meeting with Donna started out by her stating, “I work for you.” That statement made us very comfortable and invoked a trust that grew with every interaction we had with Donna.

    Donna’s professionalism and attention to details throughout the entire listing/selling process was very much appreciated and a credit to Donna’s commitment to perform at a high level. She displayed a significant degree of integrity that reinforced our trust in her as our real estate agent.

    No matter what time of day or night, Donna always made herself available to us in order to address issues and answer our questions. She kept us well informed of new and pending issues and always encouraged us to ask questions or state our opinions. Donna was an easy person to communicate with.

    In the beginning, we all said “let’s have fun” during this process; and that we did. Once the selling process started, things moved very quickly, during which Donna made sure we were able to stay up with the pace. Her knowledge and experience dealing with all the required steps in order to get the sale completed, was a credit to a successful job well done as the sale was completed within 30 days.

    Our listing/selling experience began as an agent/client relationship and closed escrow as acquiring a new friend. A job well done by a truly wonderful person, an extremely credible real estate agent, and someone we now proudly acknowledge as our friend.

    Thank you, Donna, for making our selling experience a memorable one that we will never forget.

    Warm Regards,
    Mike & Glenda

    Canyon Country/Saugus
    Name: Glenda S. and Mike B.

  • I had the pleasure of working with Donna on a purchase transaction where I represented the buyer, and she, the seller. Our transaction closed in Feb 2014. Donna has proven herself to be the consummate professional when it comes to Santa Clarita real estate. She went above and beyond to help our transaction come to a satisfactory close, where both of our clients were able to achieve their goals. When there was a bump in the road, Donna was there to take action. I appreciate you, Donna! Looking forward to another successful escrow in the future. - Robert Mickalson, Realtor, Realty Executives Valencia

    Name: Robert Mickalson - Realtor, Realty Executives Valencia

  • Rose, Ernesto and Sandy!
    ... a friend offered a referral and we called Donna ... were it not for the sustained focus, expertise, negotiations and endless energy from Donna, our dream may not have been realized

    To Any Potential Buyers or Sellers:

    My husband and I made the decision to buy a home but didn’t know where to begin. As I suspect many do, we started online reading articles and looking at pictures but it was so overwhelming, we became convinced we needed help.

    A friend offered a referral and we called Donna who immediately put me at ease; no pressure, only patience and practical information. She asked us about our preferred areas and features of our dream home and we were amazed at how efficient Donna made our search and after just a few trips, we were thrilled to have found our dream home.

    Proving nothing is ever simple, Donna pointed out that this particular home was going to be quite a challenge as it was a short sale with two lenders! Again, going right to work mapping a strategy and honestly preparing us for what would prove to be a long and often frustrating process, it took us almost a year to complete the purchase. Were it not for the sustained focus, expertise, negotiations and endless energy from Donna, our dream may not have been realized.

    Words cannot express the gratitude my husband and I have for Donna and recommend her without qualification or reservation.

    Thank you Donna. We couldn’t have gotten here without you!

    Name: Rose and Ernesto C.

  • Lacie and Matt

    Matt and I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work! You are AMAZING
    and #1 Realtor on our list! Thank you a million times over=)

    Lacie and Matt

    Name: Lacie and Matt

  • Donna DeRubeis Sold
    Donna was our Guardian Angel guiding us every step of the way...
    ... Being a former teacher, she really does her homework ... within the first week we received full asking price ...her sense of humor, her professionalism, her kindness ... her knowledge and ability to work well with other realtors enabled us to be in our "Dream Home"

    Putting our home on the market that we had lived in for 14 years in the Cottages in Stone Crest was an emotional journey. So many memories...our children spent the better part of their youths growing up in that house. We wondered if we could be happy in new surroundings, leaving everything that was familiar, our wonderful neighbors.... We had heard so many positive comments about Donna, that we knew she was the Realtor to represent us in the sale of our home.

    We had a dream for the past few years to move into a single story home. We did find our "Dream Home" in Plum Canyon Ranch, but we had to sell our current home. Brand new single story homes are very rare, and they do not last long in this current real estate market. We had a deadline to meet.

    Our first meeting with Donna, she came armed with her endless knowledge about the real estate market. Being a former teacher, she really does her homework. She checks out the current competition on the market, she had the comps, her knowledge is endless. She leaves no stone unturned. Her sense of humor, her professionalism, her kindness...

    She kept us so updated with her daily phone calls and e-mails. Our home sold within the first week of being on the market. We also got full asking price. We were even able to negotiate a rent back from the new owners that bought our home, as our new home was not due to be ready until the middle of May. Through the entire process she kept on top of everything. She made us feel as if we were her only clients and had a way of calming jangled nerves. She made escrow painless for us. We really feel due to her marketing, her knowledge, her ability to work well with other Realtors, is what enabled us to be in our "Dream Home."

    Donna, we miss your daily phone calls. You were such a big part of our life for the months of March, April, and May. We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

    I wonder if Allstate Insurance Company would mind if we borrowed their Catch Phrase. "You're in good hands with Donna".

    Forever Grateful,

    Teri and Larry Wilson

    Canyon Country/Saugus
    Name: Teri and Larry W.

  • 1st time homeowner

    ...Donna knew what to do every step of the way to make sure everything happened when it needed to happen
    ...She made the whole experience relatively simple and straightforward

    My family and I have known Donna for a very long time, so when I was ready to start looking to buy a house, I scheduled a meeting with Donna. From my first meeting with Donna to the moment she handed me the keys to my new house, she was there every step of the way to explain the process and to answer all my questions.

    In my situation, we were dealing with a short sale in which a couple of lenders were involved. Especially towards the end, there were a lot of things that needed to happen in a short period of time in a particular order. Donna knew what to do every step of the way, working with the listing agent and escrow company to make sure everything happened when it needed to happen, explaining everything very clearly to me.

    For a first time homebuyer, the whole process can be very confusing and complicated, especially in a short sale situation like this one. She made the whole experience relatively simple and straightforward when it could have otherwise been very stressful and confusing. She conducted herself in a very professional manner throughout the entire process in her dealings with me, the listing agent, the sellers, and the escrow company.

    If you are in the market to buy or sell your home, I highly recommend Donna De Rubeis.

    Canyon Country
    Name: James B.

  • Donna De Rubeis really knows the Santa Clarita Valley! We had a lot of 'musts' for our new home including a main floor bedroom and bath, a sunroom, and at least 5 bedrooms. We found the perfect house because of Donna's efforts! She took us to see countless houses, always with an upbeat attitude and a smile. She helped us find a lender and walked us through the process of buying a short-sale property. There is a lot involved in finding and buying a home, and Donna was there every step of the way. She kept us well informed about the buying process and answered all our questions. We could never have done it without Donna!

    Name: Haley and Norma W.

  • Evans_Shim_Sold
    ...knowledge, compassion, great communication skills of our financial future

    I’ve know Donna since I was a child, so when the time came to buy a house it just seemed logical for me to ask Donna to be our agent. Through the entire course of the buying process, Donna helped us narrow down what it was we were actually looking for in our first home.

    It became evident that Donna is a person who is constantly striving to enhance her own knowledge in the real estate profession and relay that knowledge to her clients. Through our many meetings with Donna we began to feel more and more knowledgeable about the real estate market, and although there were bumps and curves thrown at us- Donna was there to explain and advise us each step of the way.

    On the day we closed escrow Donna met us at our property to give us the keys to our new home. She didn’t stay long however, my guess is that she didn’t want to interfere with the momentous occasion my girlfriend and I were sharing together. The services we received from Donna were invaluable. When she walked out the door I felt a feeling of both success and loss. Success for having overcome the short sale process and getting a great value in our first home, and loss because the woman who had acted as the guardian of our financial future was walking out of our lives. If you are looking for knowledge, compassion and great communication skills in a real estate agent- use Donna. It is without question that we will use her services again in the future.

    Name: David E.

  • Happy new homeowner
    ... I felt her envelop me with her sincerity, commitment and knowledge
    ... A trusting and honest relationship blossomed and I knew I could confide in Donna completely
    ..Whether she read my mind , or brought something to mind,
    Donna's listening skills and empathy are impressive
    ...She took me by the hand and walked me down a path that was otherwise dark and unknown and made the journey exciting and memorable, and I can now proudly say that I live in the perfect new home!

    It is with great enthusiasm that I highly recommend Donna DeRubeis for all things real estate. I had the opportunity to work closely with Donna for six short months when embarking on the home buying process for the first time. Buying my first home could have been a grueling, drawn out process but with Donna those six months flew by seamlessly. It was as if by pure serendipity that my new house came to find me, and I could not be happier building this house into my home.

    Donna came recommended to me by a trusted and loyal girlfriend who happens to be Donna's daughter-in-law. I'd heard how Donna had helped her buy her first home with her new husband, and I was eager to speak with Donna about my own first steps. As soon as I reached out to Donna I felt her completely envelop me with her sincerity, commitment, and knowledge...almost as if I were her own daughter! A trusting and honest relationship blossomed and I knew I could confide in Donna completely with all of my hopes, dreams, and even fantasies of condo castles. Sure enough, Donna was able to see right through to my heart and really understood what was important to me. Whether she read my mind, or brought something to mind, Donna's listening skills and empathy are impressive.

    Donna made me her priority and I knew she was going to bat for me every moment we worked together. I should note that Donna is a well-known figure in her community of Realtors in the Santa Clarita Valley. When I explained that my top locations to buy were out of her normal market, she assured me that she would take on all of my specs, standards, needs, must-haves, & loves...and she did. She made things clear, direct, she kept me on track, & she was readily accessible. I truly believe in Donna's capacity and competency when it came to all my real estate needs. She took me by the hand and walked me down a path that was otherwise dark and unknown and made the journey exciting and memorable.

    The home buying process is not always sunshine and rainbows, though. After countless yet fruitless weekends of hitting the pavement, I began to grow weary of my options out there in the big bad world of real estate. Then, as I stood at a crossroads, Donna made one more (& ultimately one last) appointment for me. She said she'd been tipped off about a fantastic place that was going to hit the market the following Monday & we had to be the first to see it. I hesitated but agreed to meet early that Saturday morning. Sure enough, when we got to the property and walked to the door the feeling of pure certainty washed over me. It at first sight. I walked across the threshold and knew that Donna had just taken me to the house I would make my very first home. From that moment on Donna made it her mission to find me the best lender (who happened to be the best lender indeed, Mitch Milat), best financing, and all the best options done...and done right.

    Once I closed escrow, and as timing would have it, my keys were handed over just before the Thanksgiving holiday. The next day as I sat around the table with friends and family I had so much love and gratitude to share as a brand new homeowner. As if it were all just simply meant to be, Donna and I made the perfect team and I can now proudly say that I live in the perfect new home. Thank you Donna! I just love to tell the story of my home buying experience, and each & every time I of course praise Donna for being the best thing that could have happened to me six months ago.

    Name: Valerie S.

  • ...We never failed to be amazed at Donna's wealth of knowledge
    ...She is very up-to-date on new laws and loan procedures
    ...We attempted to short sale our home and from the beginning,
    it was very clear that Donna was keeping our best interest above all other factors
    ...We will be calling her again whenever we are ready to buy or sell a home

    I would like to take this opportunity to unreservedly recommend Donna DeRubeis as your Realtor. A few weeks ago we attempted to short sale our home and we couldn’t have been more pleased with how Donna kept us informed and how she supported us throughout the process. From the beginning, it was very clear that Donna was keeping our best interest above all other factors.

    Before our initial meeting, Donna did a considerable amount of research on our area and comparable properties. She came to the table already armed with the latest information. She not only did online research, but she went into every comparable property that she was able to, in order to get a first hand look at our competition. She patiently listened to all of our thoughts and concerns and then together we came up with a game plan to sell our home. She was at all times patient, informative, and thorough.

    Immediately after putting our home on the market Donna began contacting our lenders in order to get all the information that we would need to propose a short sale. When their documents came though, Donna reviewed them and found some wording she was uncomfortable with as it did not seem to be in our best interest. She suggested we contact a legal representative to get further information. After speaking to our lawyer and much debating back and forth we came to the decision to pull our home and not go through with the short sale. Donna was incredibly understanding and very supportive of our decision even though it meant that she had done all that work for nothing.

    In addition to all the work she did helping us try to sell our home, she also tried to help us find a rental property. She sent us suggestions and made herself available to us whenever it was convenient to show us prospective places.

    We never failed to be amazed at Donna’s wealth of knowledge regarding homes in the Santa Clarita Valley. From floor plans and tracts to school districts to HOA’s, she had excellent suggestions and information. She had a keen eye for detail and noticed things that we might have missed on our own. She also is very up-to-date on new laws and loan procedures. She was the perfect balance of information and knowing her limits. She was not afraid to tell us that we should contact our accountant or lawyer in order to make sure we were getting accurate and full information. Also, after each time we contacted another professional, she asked us what they had said so that she could learn more about each hurdle we encountered.

    From the beautiful pictures she took of our home to post on the MLS, to the patience she showed when trying to draw up a rental agreement for us while my three year old was simultaneously trying to color on it, to the kindness she showed us when we decided to go in a different direction, Donna DeRubeis gets our highest praise and recommendation.

    We really enjoyed working with her and without question we will be calling her again whenever we are ready to buy or sell a home.


    Matthew and Brenda Rubin

    Name: Matthew and Brenda R.

  • Robert M.
    ... you're a great communicator made my first home purchase a wonderful experience

    Dear Donna,

    I was reading your previous letters of recommendation from your website - well it brought to mind things you have always said during our journey towards purchasing my first home, "Stay cautiously optimistic," and "Never assume anything." I think those two statements speak volumes in the type of services you have provided to me over the last year in my search to find the perfect home.

    You always had an eye out for what was next to come on the market, calling me and making appointments for me to see the next place. You kept in mind what I was looking for and were very flexible to my many first-time-home-buyer anxiety driven changes. As I made offers on numerous properties, your positive attitude kept me going through the difficult stages of purchasing a home (and it was trying at times).

    You never assumed anything, you're a great communicator - consistently keeping me informed of all the new changes in the market. You were new to servicing a veteran with a VA loan, but you would have never known. You kept up on all the new regulations and researched issues as they arose. I really appreciated your attention to detail and absolute professionalism. Through all the ups and downs, you were by my side holding my hand. You made my first home purchase a wonderful experience.

    Thank you so much!


    Robert Miles

    Canyon Country
    Name: Robert M.

  • Sold - Oak Lane Tract in Saugus
    You are the only one I would go to when I sell my home.
    Name: Peggy and Vegas!

  • Welcome Home Greg and Jessica
    ...Donna was exactly who we needed ...Donna advised that sales agents for new homes represent the builder having her represent us, we maximized our options

    Recently married and very excited about the next major milestone in our lives, we began our search for our first home. In anticipation of this important step, we knew we needed help and Donna was exactly who we needed. A short time after our initial meeting, she was quickly able to lay out our game plan. The area, type of property we wanted and critical financing were all mapped out for us. In today’s tight credit market, she proved extremely knowledgeable about the latest requirements for various types of loan programs. Once we were pre-approved for a loan, we shopped with confidence.

    We did not realize it then but buying a home involves so many important decisions; from highlighting the “pros and cons” of each property to educating us about the function of escrow and the intricate loan process, Donna guided us through every step.

    Always mindful of the fact that this was an investment in our future, Donna suggested we look at a previously unknown new home development. Since we did not originally consider a new home, thankfully, she escorted us on our first visit to the sales office which enabled us to have buyer representation. Donna advised that sales agents for new developments represent the builder and, by having a Realtor represent us, she was able to explain all the disclosures, maximize our options, and negotiated the inclusion of an addendum to the purchase agreement ensuring a special incentive interest rate! Wow!

    Thrilled with our new home, we continue to recommend Donna to all of our friends and family knowing that anyone who enlists her assistance will be extremely satisfied.


    Name: Jessica and Greg D.

  • Sold 24746 Bracken Lane, Stevenson Ranch, Sunset P
    ...Donna is a great communicator, always cheerful, easy to work with and so tenacious!!
    ...She went through great lengths to assist us in making our home more marketable
    ...Our home sold with a full price offer!!!

    We just wanted to let everyone know what a GREAT real estate agent Donna DeRubeis is!! We both were recently retired and looking forward to spending our “golden years” in our new log house in the mountains when the real estate market took a serious downturn both in price and activity. We worried for over a year that when the time came to leave the Stevenson Ranch area we would be unable to sell our home. But never fear….Donna came to our rescue!!

    We had listed our home with another agent a year earlier and it didn’t sell and the activity was very low….We took it off the market and “casually” tried to sell by owner….no advertising, just a sign on the house. We had no luck.

    Donna saw our “For Sale by Owner” sign and approached us about listing our home. No pressure….just a few casual contacts. When the time was right we called Donna and listed the house with her. She came to that meeting fully prepared with comps, market analysis for the area and other demographics that helped us price our home appropriately. Because of the declining prices in the area, Donna met with us regularly to present current marketing information and assisted us in making appropriate price adjustments.

    In just 5 months our house sold with a full price offer!! Donna kept us informed throughout the escrow process so we could be prepared to be moved out when escrow closed.

    Donna is a great communicator, always cheerful, easy to work with and is so tenacious!! She went to great lengths to obtain feedback from the clients and realtors that looked at our home, to assist us in making our home more marketable. She is without a doubt a dedicated, hard worker and will always do her best for her clients.

    We are so happy we listed with Donna DeRubeis and know she will continue to provide top notch service to all her future clients.


    Bob and Pat Callahan
    Stevenson Ranch
    Name: Bob and Pat C.

  • Sold Mariposa Tract, Saugus

    ...When deciding to purchase our first home, we wanted an agent we knew we could trust
    ...We are in our new home and couldn't be happier with our purchase
    ...We made a great choice and found our real estate agent for life!

    When deciding to purchase our first home, my girlfriend and I wanted a real estate agent we knew we could trust. Someone who could explain the in's and out's of real estate for us because, we did not know a whole lot about it. We made a great choice. Working with Donna was an absolute pleasure. She made sure we knew exactly what we were getting into, and what to expect from every situation. She even sat us down before we put in our first offer and went over all the papers that we would be signing, and explained them thoroughly so that we would be confident when we signed them.

    A few weeks later, Donna found us just what we had been looking for. But, there was a catch... it was a short sale. Initially, Donna had told us we would stay away from these as she did not want to see us get our hopes up on a property and then end up not getting it months later. Nevertheless, she told us that she had a good feeling about this particular property so we gave it a shot. Three days later our offer had been accepted. Three days is unheard of on any short sale. So, just over a month later we are in our new home and couldn't be happier with our purchase.

    At no point throughout this process were we out of the loop. Donna called my girlfriend Megan or myself everyday, sometimes several times a day to keep us informed on what she knew. Even if she had no new information to tell us, she would call us so that we weren't sitting around wondering. Purchasing a home is a very stressful time but, Donna did everything in her power to alleviate that stress. It was true professionalism. We have found our real estate agent for life. I am looking forward to doing business with Donna again.

    Jeff Evans
    Name: Jeff and Megan E.

  • Sold 28929 Marilyn Dr., American Beauty Gardens, C
    ...In a most difficult market...Her dedication to our cause kept us going ...developing a [perfect strategy] ...Donna's attention to detail and hard-charging "can-do" attitude made the difference!
    ...We whole-heartedly recommend Donna as the Realtor who sets the standards in her profession!!

    While in the full grip and downward spiral of the real estate market of Southern California, as well as across the country, we found it necessary to put our home of 20 years on the market and prepare to relocate to Indiana. Yes, it wasn't the best time to sell!

    Our home was the largest model built in the Canyon Gardens development.
    Unfortunately, there were several of our same model on the market when we listed our home.

    We chose realtor, Donna DeRubeis of Realty Executives to help us. Donna was well-known in our area, having worked at Pinetree School as a teacher before going into the real estate profession.

    Donna responded to our call for help. In our home, she became the leader in our effort to sell our home. We had sit down meetings, information sharing sessions, and discussions that covered every detail of what was ahead for us as sellers in a market that was overflowing with sellers. Her dedication to our cause, her almost daily phone calls giving us exact specifics and any changes in all the areas we had no insight into, kept us going forward despite some very stressful and tension-filled times.

    Following Donna's suggestions and ideas, we developed a strategy of presenting and marketing our home throughout the local community as well as neighboring communities.

    Donna could not have exposed our home to the looking and buying public any greater than she did. Her efforts and constant exploration of all areas of opportunity paid off for us.

    Buyers found us and our home.Donna took the uncertainty of our situation and turned it into a positive experience. Donna's professionalism, attention to detail and her hard charging can-do attitude made the difference!

    We whole-heartedly recommend Donna as the Realtor who sets the standards in her profession!

    Canyon Country
    Name: Phil and Jean C.

  • Every once in awhile you meet someone in a service field who exceeds expectations. A REALTOR® with the utmost of integrity, Donna De Rubeis is the consummate professional. Donna always puts the best interests of her clients first, focusing on achieving their goals and providing attention to every detail. Keeping her clients updated on changing market conditions and about the progress of their transaction, is vitally important to Donna. Communication and education breeds success in any industry and she is committed to both. From my experience, it is with the utmost of confidence that I can recommend Donna’s real estate consultant services, as she truly is “…A Class Above.”


    Name: Margaret Erangey

  • Sold  15420 Rhododendron, Pinetree Tract.Canyon Co

    I’ve had the opportunity to know and work with Donna for many years when she was a teacher at the same school where I was employed. Donna is very thorough and she always goes above & beyond in everything she does. She is always confident in what she is doing.

    When Donna told me she wanted to go into real estate I knew she would put more than 100% effort into her new career. I recently had her sell my home and I would highly recommend her. She has a pleasant demeanor and works hard to establish and maintain positive relationships with her clients.

    Donna is a very organized person. She kept me abreast of everything going on in the real estate market as well as advice in selling my home. She definitely is a go getter.

    I strongly recommend Donna as a qualified realtor.

    Canyon Country
    Name: Janet E.


Donna was absolutely amazing to work with! She was always so well prepared and always brought information about the neighborhood a...
- Taylor and Brandon


24106 Lyons Ave.
Santa Clarita, CA 91321

DRE# 01487802

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